Take a tour of Lee's apartment and see what are the factors which influence their lives.
The Lee apartment is a ficition space created to represent one single Chinese American Family. By interacting with objects around the rooms, visitors can glimpse at the influences which shape their lives.

Mrs. Lee came to the United States from Hong Kong in the early 70's for school and for a better life. The education system in Hong Kong was highly competitive due to the fact that there were only two universities and one technical school. Mrs. Lee felt an education in the US would provide more opportunities. Where as Mrs. Lee had to adapt to the American way of life, Allen, her son was born into it.

Two rooms are represented in this exhibition: the living room and Allen's room. There are four interactive objects per room which talk about the Chinese American experience from both Mrs. Lee's perspective and Allen's. You must have Flash to view this exhibit.

A phyical installation of this exhibition can be viewed from Nov. 16 - Dec. 16. Please visit the exhibition information page for details.

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