Every culture have their own sayings and terminology. The following are a sample of some Chinese American terms
* Please feel free to contribute to this list of terminologies and sayings.

American Born Chinese

In the late 80s and early 90s, many people from Hong Kong immigrated to the United States, Canada, and Australia to avoid China's 1997 take-over. Often times the immigrants would split their time between their new country and Hong Kong. The Cantonese slang "astronauts" refers to this group of individuals.

Banana / Twinkie
A Chinese and Japanese slang word used to define persons of Asian origins but Western intellect; being yellow on the outside but white on the inside.

Canton Pop
A terms usually associated with popular Cantonese music, most of which is made in Hong Kong

Canadian Born Chinese

MJ (MahJong)
MahJong is a popular Chinese tile game which includes four players. Also known as Mahjongg, you need to collect combinations of tiles. In Mah Jongg these combinations are known as Chows, Pungs and Kongs. A Chow is a consecutive sequence of three tiles of the same suit. A Pung is three identical tiles of the same suit. A Kong is four identical tiles of the same suit. Kongs always have one or two tiles turned over. Mah Jongg is played in Hands. A minimum of four Hands make up a Round, four Rounds make up a Game. This is because each Wind must be Wind of the Round once and each player must have four turns playing as East Wind. The minimum number of Hands that make up a Game is therefore sixteen. There can however be more Hands in a Round if the East Wind player continues to win!

Each player's Hand always consists of thirteen tiles, and when it is the turn of the player they are dealt a fourteenth tile. The player can choose to keep the tile that has just been dealt or can immediately discard the tile. In this manner players always retain the correct number of tiles in their Hand.

The object of the Game is to make a complete Hand of fourteen tiles, this is called going Mah Jongg.

Parachute Kid
A parachute kid is someone who arrived in the US for education. They usually arrive in their teens and are cared for by their extended family or guardian.