After Abraham Rogarshevsky passed away in July 1918, the Congregation Sons of Telsh, which was the family's landsmanshaft or mutual aid society provided his family with both practical and spiritual support. Members of the society's chevra kaddisha, or "holy society" prepared Abraham's body for burial and arranged for it to be transported by the undertaker, Abraham Gutterman to a plot in Mount Zion Cemetery, located in Maspeth, Queens.

"One tradition we still keep even though we are Catholic, Chinese Catholics, is the funeral procession always stops at the house. Before they go to the cemetery, the tradition is to, the whole casket and the whole procession, stops at the person's resident and they will take out the casket to bow and pay respect there. It's the last time they're going by their house. It's very touching. It's really touching and I really like that part in a way. It's sometimes very inconvenient for the funeral home because people, they come to here a lot because we have a Chinese service, and the Chinese language, even though it is a Christian burial. It's in Chinese language, and then they have all the way to go Brooklyn, Staten Island, but it's very beautiful tradition."