After Abraham Rogarshevsky passed away in July 1918, the Congregation Sons of Telsh, which was the family's landsmanshaft or mutual aid society provided his family with both practical and spiritual support. Members of the society's chevra kaddisha, or "holy society" prepared Abraham's body for burial and arranged for it to be transported by the undertaker, Abraham Gutterman to a plot in Mount Zion Cemetery, located in Maspeth, Queens.

"Muhammed, the last prophet says if any person dies, as soon as possible, you have to bury him. In Bangladesh, if the person dies in the morning, maybe by afternoon we're going to do the funeral, grave, everything. When a person dies, they don't have to call the funeral or the police or health department, there is no system. They don't issue any death certificate.  In this country, you have to follow the rules and regulation. You have to wait to bury someone. Also, if they're going to send the dead body to Bangladesh, you have to wait at least three or four days."