Last Updated: January 7, 2021


Accountability is an essential part of our work to ensure we are meeting the anti-racist commitments we made on June 12, 2020. In the past, our work with inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility was inconsistently shared both internally and externally, and the Accountability Working Group was created in order to help us to move towards our goals. Since its creation, the Accountability Working Group has:

  • Opened up the IDEA Council to anyone who wants to commit to the work  
  • Created an open digital workspace for any staff member who wants to explore and contribute the work we are doing 
  • Established a system for regular internal and external reporting 


The long-term goals of the Accountability Working Group are to maintain and improve reporting of all Working Groups, examine the barriers to internal accountability and work to eliminate them, and support the building of a culture of transparency, including involving the Board in accountability and anti-racism work.  

Below, we will update every three months with steps we’ve taken and milestones we’ve reached towards achieving these goals.  

  • Prioritized transparency in our work and continued to provide bi-weekly updates to senior management  
  • In effort to promote connections with staff and anti-racism projects, wopened working group meetings to all staff who were interested. People who hadn’t previously been involved joined the conversations and got involved with projects. 
  • Create a dedicated webpage for our Progress Report with the work done by the four Working Groups – Accountability, Community Relations, Training and Resources, and Equitable Hiring and Retention
  • Share updates to the Progress Report in our external newsletter and on social media
  • Plan to update Progress Report every three months
  • Keep all staff informed of our work by holding regular virtual meetings and contributing to an internal newsletter