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The Tenement Museum tells the uniquely American stories of immigrants, migrants, and refugees in the ongoing creation of our nation. Follow our blog for stories past and present, behind-the-scenes access to the Museum, and more!

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30 Years of Tenement Museum Milestones

Look back at some of the milestones that have shaped the Tenement Museum’s first 30 years.

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Blog Archive | Jan 31, 2014

January’s Visitor of the Month

Our visitors are what make the Tenement Museum the thriving and growing place that it is...

Blog Archive | Jan 28, 2014

Peach Pits and Mouse Mummies: An Interview with a Collections Intern

Most New York City interns spend their summers running for coffee or filing paperwork, but...

Blog Archive | Jan 22, 2014

Contemporary Art with a Historical Twist

Museums can have the bad habit of getting stuck in the past. At the Tenement Museum, we...

Blog Archive | Jan 21, 2014

Staffers and Neighbors Part Two: Frances Pena

Staffers and Neighbors is a three part series about three Tenement Museum employees who...

Blog Archive | Jan 16, 2014

The Multiple Personalities of Tenement Museum Costumed Interpreters

Our Live! at the Tenement program allows visitors to meet former residents of 97...

Blog Archive | Jan 14, 2014

Staffers and Neighbors, Part 1: Tihela Feit

Staffers and Neighbors is a three part series where we turn our blog over to three members...

Blog Archive | Jan 3, 2014

A New Mayor, and A Memorable Predecessor

On January 1st, New York City got a new mayor – Democrat Bill de Blasio. Mayor de Blasio...

Meet some of the people whose stories are told through the Tenement Museum. A visually compelling experience, the book is culmination of over 30 years of dedicated stewardship of 2 Tenement buildings on Orchard Street through vivid photographs of the last two centuries.

Your Story, Our Story features objects that tell personal stories of American immigration and migration. The Tenement Museum invites people across the country to share these mementos and stories in our online digital storytelling exhibit.