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A Meal at the Tenement

April 2, 2013


Maybe this is true everywhere, but in New York, going out for dinner can be torture. First, you have to choose a neighborhood, someplace exciting, with a history of great food. Once you decide on a neighborhood, you have to agree on a cuisine. Chinese? Italian? Fusion? They’re all so different, but they all sound so good. Once you agree on the cuisine, you have choose a restaurant. Maybe you read a good review of a new Dominican place, but your friend’s friend’s mother-in-law swears by its competitor across the street. And on it goes.

Dumplings or plantains

Dumplings or plantains? Who can decide?!

We at the Tenement Museum feel your pain, so we’ve created a solution: Foods of the Lower East Side, Evening Edition! The Lower East Side is the perfect neighborhood to visit when dining out, because of its rich and varied culinary history. Can’t agree on a cuisine? Worry not: In this new evening program we serve foods from a dozen different restaurants and stores representing food traditions from all over the world. Can’t decide on a restaurant? We pick the best foods from some of our amazing neighborhood spots. And there’s no need to wait for a table: We serve these foods to you in our private dining room overlooking the bustling intersection of Delancey and Orchard Streets. What’s more, you get to visit our historic tenement before sitting down to eat, so you can see the re-created kitchens of the immigrant mamas who taught America how to love food.

Baldizzi kitchen

Rosaria Baldizzi served some amazing meals in her kitchen at 97 Orchard–you can almost smell the garlic!

Once you sit down to eat, you don’t have to worry about awkward small talk, because we’ll give you plenty to discuss. Your educator will tell you the history and significance of each food as you eat it. She’ll play for you audio and video clips of local food vendors talking about why they love to serve food on the Lower East Side. And she’ll invite you to share your food memories. As you eat, you’ll learn about the amazing culinary history of the Lower East Side and share stories about how food has shaped your own family history.

Hungry yet? Come visit us for this special program on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8 p.m. Space is limited, so buy your ticket online or call our ticketing desk today!

Posted by Senior Education Associate Adam Steinberg