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April’s Visitor of the Month


Our visitors are what make the Tenement Museum the thriving and growing place that it is today. Since we appreciate our visitors very much, every month, we’ll give a shout out to a special visitor (or visitors) to the Tenement Museum! It’s our Visitor of the Month. If you’d like to be one of our Visitors of the Month, just ask your friendly Tenement Museum Staff Member!

Margaret Quigley is a Tenement Museum SuperVisitor(tm) and Member from Coronado, California.

Margaret Quigley, SuperVisitor!

Margaret has been “obsessed with the time period [of the Tenement Museum] since childhood.” She works as a studio teacher and is also a tutor for child actors; she joins them on shoots and makes sure that child-labor laws are enforced. She is on an extended stay with some child actors in New York and staying in the area. She went to a touring production of “Annie” as a child, saw the tutor listed in the program, and decided that’s what she wanted to be. She holds two advanced degrees in education: both in elementary and high school.

The kitchen in the Confino apartment, which is featured on the "Meet Victoria" program.

Margaret first became interested in the museum because, as she says, “Years ago, I was researching tenements and stumbled across your website and I’ve wanted to come ever since.” Her first Tenement Museum tour was “Meet Victoria,” to which she brought her two charges with her, because one of them is Sephardic. She and the kids both loved the tour. She bought a membership that day, and just this March, she took all of our building tours twice (except for “Exploring 97”) and all of our walking tours once!

The Rogarshevsky parlor, seen on the "Sweatshop Workers" tour.

She is fascinated by the sheer numbers of immigrants who came through here–up to 5000 a day entering America and up to 2000 living on our block. Margaret bought postcards of the apartments in 97 for her friends and family, and loves our collection of souvenirs. She would have bought more of our kids’ books, but she’s already read them all!

Just some of the thousands of people living on the Lower East Side in 1898.

Thanks for your continued support, Margaret!

– Posted by Colin Kennedy