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Art (and Food) Beyond Sight


This month, the Tenement Museum is joining organizations around the country to celebrate Art Beyond Sight awareness month, which expands the integration of people who are blind and visually impaired into arts and cultural organizations.

For years, we’ve worked with consultants and visitors who are blind to make our materials and programs as accessible as possible. Since our new Visitor Center at 103 Orchard Street opened last year, our options for accessible programming have blossomed. Our “Foods of the Lower East Side” program is a great example. This program, which explores the history of immigrant foods (illustrated with tasty samples) is offered either as an outdoor walking tour or an indoor discussion-based program. The indoor program uses oral histories from local neighborhood immigrant food establishments, and of course, samples of a variety of foods. It’s a great option for those with vision impairments.

Lou Di Palo

Our indoor "Foods of the Lower East Side" program features oral histories from local merchants like Lou Di Palo.

Here’s what one visitor had to say about her experience on this tour:

The narrative presentation is so rich with descriptions of the slides and recordings of local speakers that I as a blind person did not miss any of the culture, heritage and traditions expressed in the foods we sampled. It was an amazing experience and very fun to do with friends, especially those originally from the city.” – Jenine Stanley

In honor of Art Beyond Sight Awareness Month, the Museum is offering a free Indoor Foods of the Lower East Side program for visitors who are blind or low vision and their families. The free program takes place this Sunday, Oct 21st, from 3-5 PM at 103 Orchard Street. Participants will taste dumplings, fried plantains, cream puffs and more while exploring the immigrant experience and some of the ways immigrants have shaped American food.

All are welcome, but space is limited, so reservations are required. To make a reservation, email [email protected], or call 1-877-97-LESTM. You can also call 212-431-0233 x232 with questions.

For general information about accessibility and all of our upcoming special events, check the accessibility page of our website here.

— Posted by Sarah Litvin