Virtual Live Events

While the Tenement Museum is closed to the public we will be featuring upcoming virtual live events here!

Date: June 16, 2020

Book Talk: Reimagining Lower Manhattan

A book talk with Matt Kapp, author of A Century Downtown, a visual journey on the...

Date: May 26, 2020

Book Talk: Living in a Pandemic

A book talk with author James Nevius on how pandemics shaped New York’s built...

Date: July 7, 2020

Book Talk: City of Dreams

A book talk with Tyler Anbinder, author of 'City of Dreams', discussing the rich history...

Date: May 21, 2020

Virtual Talk: Professor Frank Wu, Queens College President-Designate

A talk with Professor Frank Wu, Queens College President-Designate in conversation...

Date: May 11, 2020

Virtual Book Talk: The Dairy Restaurant

A free virtual book talk with Ben Katchor, author of The Dairy Restaurant, in conversation...

Date: May 5, 2020

Virtual Book Talk: A Square Meal

A free virtual book talk with renowned food historian and author Jane Ziegelman.

Date: June 9, 2020

Book Talk: Honey and Venom

A free virtual book talk with Andrew Coté, author of Honey and Venom: Confessionals of an...

Date: April 28, 2020

Virtual Book Talk: The World Eats Here

A free virtual book talk with the authors of The World Eats Here, a brand-new, debut...

Watch recordings of our past virtual live events!

Book Talks

Virtual Book Talk: Biography of a Tenement House in New York City

Watch a book talk with Andrew Dolkart, author of Biography of a Tenement House in New York City

Virtual Book Talk: Jennifer Egan’s Writing

Watch a book talk with Jenniger Egan, author of Manhattan Beach, The Invisible Circus, The Keep, and A Visit From the Goon Squad.

Virtual Book Talk: Wild City

Watch a book talk with Thomas Hynes, author of Wild City: A Brief History of New York City in 40 Animals.

Family Events and Virtual Visits

A Nickel for a Pickle: A Pickle Lesson with the Tenement Museum

Delve into the history of pickles on the Lower East Side. Learn how Lower East Siders pickled their veggies 100 years ago, why the tradition of pickling was important for many immigrants, and watch a short demo of how to make your own cucumber pickles at home!

Secrets from the Privy Vault: Insights on a Tenement Rear Yard

Watch a virtual exploration of the rear yard at 97 Orchard Street, a unique outdoor space where four wooden privies (outdoor toilets) and a single water source served the residents’ needs for more than 40 years

From Orchard to Essex: Street Peddlers and Market Vendors

Watch a visit to Orchard Street! When Essex Street Market opened in 1940, it was heralded as a new era for commerce, as the city promised to clear the streets of pushcart peddlers and provide a clean, orderly space for shoppers.

Creative Reuse Crafting for Kids

Watch a mini history lesson and crafting activity inspired by the resourcefulness of former tenement residents. Look at the Confino Family’s apartment from 1916 and learn about games and objects they made from found materials and then make your own toy, game, or other objects from materials in your home.

Working from Home in 1905: Making Paper Flowers

Enjoy a lesson on working from home in 1905. What were New York immigrant parents and kids doing to earn money in their apartments? How did they balance work and family? We’ll also teach you how to make a paper flower bouquet, a common item made in tenement apartments.

Meet Bridget Moore in 1869: Learning through Objects

Peek into an 1869 Tenement Apartment! Together, we’ll watch Bridget Moore, a young Irish immigrant, show us her home. She’ll use the many interesting objects in her home to teach us about her daily tasks, her culture, and how she finds comfort.


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