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HOLIDAY GIFTING MADE EASY: Tenement Museum Gift Guide Holiday 2015


1. For the Nosher

Maybe you have someone on your list who is always feeding others… or maybe you have someone on your list who is always feeding themselves. Everyone knows a nosher, and we’ve got their perfect gifts right here.


Bagel tray

Gift this bagel tray to someone who needs it. Perfect for balancing Sunday morning bagels and shmeer or Friday night Chinese take-away, this 6.5″ x 14″ melamine tray is exactly the thing for the snacker in your life.-$14.99



Wine Bottle Stopper

Perhaps this Chrysler building bottle stopper is the show stopper for your urbane recipient. For some folks, a bottle of fine wine is enough of a holiday treat, but why not top it off with this timeless, proper stopper? – $19.99


2. For the New Yorkers

New Yorkers come in all shapes and sizes, and perhaps the only thing they have in common is that they are hard to please. In fact, the myriad tribes of New York are one of the many joys of living here, and we’ve got something for everyone.

For the Brooklynite

Everyone’s got one – a Brookylnite that is. The borough has always meant a lot of different things to different people. Today, it also means taste. Whether they live in Pittsburg, or Tallahassee, or somewhere in Brooklyn-proper, farm-to-table craft beer enthusiasts with a penchant for fancy coffee can be found on everyone’s holiday list. Give them this Brownstone everyday tote bag. Perfect for trips to the farmer’s market, supermarket, or perhaps the stock market.  -$19.99



The Sophisticate

It was once thought that truly “sophisticated” New Yorkers only lived uptown – and then there was everyone else.  But today we know better. New York-style sophisticates live in Chinatown, Elmhurst, just off the Grand Concourse, and in Kansas City. Treat the classiest folks on your list to this lovely stationary by French artist Martine Rupert. Rupert’s stationary renders Manhattan elegantly in India ink and collage, speaking to those with discerning sensibilities. -$15.95


The Wise Guy

One of the most quintessential of all New York characters is the Wise Guy. Not always a guy, this New York fixture gives it out as good as she takes it. Send this NYC trivia game to the person on your list who knows everything. This pack includes cards, score keeping materials, and a whole lot of payback. – $19.95

3.       For the Next Generation

Turn off the television, power off the iPad, and open up to some creativity. Give the little one on your list these gifts that don’t require electricity.

Let’s Make Some Great Art

For children 8 years and older, gift this art activity book. Filled with great ideas, this book opens the door to even more fun. -$19.95


Bashful Reindeer

This plush reindeer is just looking for a naptime companion and a partner in crime. What could be better than a newcomer from Lapland just in time for the holiday season? This bashful reindeer is nondenominational. -$21.99


Dear New York, I love You

Some people become New Yorkers, others are born New Yorkers. Get this I Love New York onesie for the little one you know is destined for all the delicious food, wild traffic, and serious street credentials that comes with being a lifetime New Yorker. -$24.99


Lil’ Mib

Lil MIB is Lo-Fi fun for the folks on your list who grew up on pocket computers. Lil MIB is a precious little ‘bot who does only four things and none of them is surf the web. MIB records a message, distorts it (if you’d like) and plays it back to you or, if you raise the message flag, to a recipient of your choice. Handmade in Brooklyn. – $68.00

4. From Your Pet


Catmus Carols AND Jewish Songs for Cats

Of course they are part of the family, but they haven’t totally mastered the MasterCard yet. If you are going to do a little purchasing on behalf of your pets this holiday season, try these funny twists on holiday classics. Catmus Carols are traditional Christmas carols sung from the perspective of your favorite feline and Jewish Songs for Cats takes the same concept and curls a tale around it for traditional Jewish songs.  – $9.95 each


Worst Gift Ever Socks

But how good are animals at giving gifts? Does your chocolate lab have good taste? Of course not! Sparky might pick out a pretty bad gift – maybe even these “Worst Gift Ever” socks. These socks in men’s sizes are just the thing to come from a creature who loves you for what’s on the inside… or what you feed him. -$14.99

5. For Full-on Nostalgia-sufferer 

Here at the Tenement Museum you’d think we’d be free of this particular bug – the bug of nostalgia that is… We have a team of people who love learning about the past, but we are also here to inform the public about some of the challenges of living in New York before modern plumbing. We know all too well about people who are wistful for days gone by, and we’ve picked out a few gifts for those folks on your list.

 NY Transit Token Necklace

Everyone knows someone who loves to remember the good old, bad old days. We call that golden age thinking and we’ve got just the thing. This New York transit token necklace harkens back to another era in the history of New York (before Uber).  -$40.00

Sunday Football Socks

For another nostalgic loved one, pick up a pair of these men’s Sunday football socks. The retro look of these socks will take the wearer and the gifter to a simpler time in football’s history. -$14.99

Magnifying Glass Necklace

Gift a closer look for the friend who is always looking back. For the reader of historical fiction, for the Ken Burns aficionado, for the companion who always reminds you about pre-modern plumbing, this magnifying glass is the perfect gift. On a lovely long chain, this magnifying loop necklace says I know this will look gracious with your pinafore-inspired dress. -$28.00

6. The Planner

You know them. They may not have brought the most laughs to the party, but they organized it! Get something special for that person in your life who made sure you didn’t miss your dentist appointment, your anniversary, or your dad’s birthday.

New York 2016 Wall Calendar

This 2016 calendar will keep someone you care about up to date next year, but the beautiful vintage-inspired prints are totally timeless. -$21.95

Tenement Museum 2016 Desk Calendar

Help someone special keep track of major events and daily appointments with the Tenement Museum calendar. Visit a new Lower East Side scene every month; time flies when you are looking back at the neighborhood’s past.-$14.99

 Big Apple Mini Sticky Note

Even the most organized person sometimes needs to jot a note.  You could gift these to the students on your list, a bride to be, or anyone with several things on the brain. This sweet packet of NYC-themed sticky notes brings a hint of vacation to the more mundane of tasks… “RENT CHECK!” -$5.99

8. For Your Auntie, Titi, Tanti, Abuela, Noni, Nana, Bubie, Oma, Halmuni

You know she has been planning your holiday gift all year, so it is high time to stockpile a few special things to honor that woman in your life who is always bringing you cheer. Maybe she’s really your auntie or maybe not – it hardly matters when it comes time to say Happy Holidays!

Multi Colored Square Beaded Bracelet

Even those in traditional New York black need a little punctuation. This beaded bracelet provides some seriously low-key style. Give a special lady this elastic banded bracelet; comprised of multicolored glass beads, it provides the perfect pizzazz. -$14.99

Boutique Coin Purse

Not so long ago, a cup of coffee cost 10 cents in New York City. Now you are lucky if you can get one for $2.  Still, saving your pennies can get you somewhere even if that somewhere might just be a candy bar. Gift this coin purse to someone who remembers the value of small change. -$9.99

Oy Vey Sticky Notes

Everyone has an Oy Vey moment. Make remembering the little things a little more fun when you give someone these Oy Vey sticky notes.  Never has a trip to the grocery store been so expressive. -$4.99

There’s is so much more to see and gift on the online shop – open 24 hours a day!