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Meat Hooked!


Butchery has a long history in New York City. Our “Shop Life” exhibit includes the story of the Austrian-Jewish Lustgarten family and their kosher butcher shop, located at 97 Orchard Street from around 1890 to 1902. In 1899, the Lustgartens’ shop was one of 131 kosher butchers on the Lower East Side.

Chicken Market, 55 Hester Street, Manhattan, February 1937. Courtesy New York Public Library.

In recent years, butchery with an emphasis on local farmers, sustainable practices, and heritage breeds, has seen a resurgence in New York’s local businesses, including Heritage Meat Shop in the Essex Street Market, and Fleisher’s Grassfed and Organic Meats.

Butcher shop in First Avenue Retail Market, 1943. Courtesy Library of Congress.

You can get a glimpse of over 200 years of the industry’s history at our free Tenement Talk this Wednesday, December 19, at 6:30pm. This Tenement Talk will feature a screening of Meat Hooked!, Suzanne Wasserman’s award-winning documentary about the history and resurgence of butchery. The film features local purveyors including Jeffery Ruhalter, a fifth-generation master butcher, and Jacob Dickson of Chelsea Market’s Dickson’s Farmstand.

Check out a preview of the film below! We hope you’ll join us Wednesday at 103 Orchard Street, at 6:30pm.

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—Posted by Amanda Murray