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Meet the Staff: Jamie Salen, Marketing Manager

March 28, 2017


Published in January 2017

This month, we profile our Marketing Manager, Jamie Salen, for MEET THE TENEMENT STAFF. Jamie joined the museum in November after moving to New York from Florida and she has been wreaking havoc ever since. Jamie took the time to tell us about her job responsibilities as well as a little bit about herself, including a love for Economy Candy (as you can see pictured below).


TM: What is your title?

JS: I am the Marketing Manager at the Tenement Museum.

TM: What are your job responsibilities?

JS: I work to promote the museum. This means collaborating with, and providing marketing support to our various departments. I also work closely with our Special Events department to expand our client base for private evening events.

TM: Why is marketing important to a museum?

JS: The purpose of any museum is to share knowledge, history, culture or beauty with the public. Used effectively, marketing serves as the link to the public and maximizes a museum’s ability to impact the community.

TM: Where did you work before coming to The Tenement Museum?

JS: I was most recently working in South Florida where I did freelance work as a public relations and marketing consultant and as the Public Relations and Marketing Manager for a historical venue in Boca Raton called the Addison.

TM: Most interesting story related to your job since starting here?

JS: Well, while every day is interesting and has me learning more and more about the museum, so far representing the museum at the American Bus Association Conference in Cleveland stands out. Having the opportunity to meet tour operators from around the country and, in some cases, introducing them to the Tenement Museum was quite rewarding.

TM: What is your family’s immigrant history?

JS: All of my great-grandparents immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe and came through Ellis Island. Half of them settled on the Lower East Side and eventually moved to Brooklyn, while the other half settled in South Philadelphia. Now that I am living in New York I would love to do more research and find out where in the Lower East Side they lived.

TM: Where did you grow up?

JS: I lived in Palo Alto, California until high school – when my family moved to the Philadelphia area.

JamieCandyTM: What do you like doing in your free time?

JS: Anything that involves music, history or extreme sports.

TM: What is your favorite Tenement Museum tour and why?

JS: My favorite tour is Shop Life. I love the saloon patron index cards – where you are able to interact with fellow visitors, and the object readers are awesome!

TM: Favorite place to go in the Lower East Side?

JS: As a recent transplant, I have only been able to experience the Lower East Side for a few winter months and I have a feeling I haven’t discovered my absolute FAVORITE just yet. But  for the sake of answering this question, I do love Economy Candy and Katz’s Deli!