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New Highlights Video


We hope you’re enjoying the Museum’s extended hours on Thursdays! You can shop at 103 Orchard until 8:30pm, and enjoy special evening tours of “Shop Life” and “Exploring 97 Orchard” — a great choice for architecture and preservation buffs.

It’s been an exciting year for our evening programs as well. In addition to dozens of Tenement Talks featuring lively discussions with authors, journalists, and cultural critics, we launched Culinary Conversations, a series of tastings and discussions with food historian Jane Ziegelman and some of New York’s most vibrant and innovative chefs.

Tenement Talks Assistant Meredith Heil put together this trailer showing some of our favorite moments from recent programs. We hope you’ll join us on evenings to come! Click “Talks” at the top of this page for a full calendar.

Tenement Talks Trailer from Tenement Talks on Vimeo.

—Posted by Amanda Murray and Meredith Heil