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The Tenement Museum tells the uniquely American stories of immigrants, migrants, and refugees in the ongoing creation of our nation. Follow our blog for stories past and present, behind-the-scenes access to the Museum, and more!

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How a Quilting Circle Helped Me Discover My Immigrant Heritage

A Tenement Museum Educator explores how her work at the Tenement Museum and her participation in a quilting circle brought new meaning to here family’s immigrant history.


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Blog Archive | Aug 6, 2013

New in 97 Orchard: Updating the Baldizzi Apartment

It’s fair to say that unless you live in one of those beautiful...

Blog Archive | Aug 1, 2013

Summer Camp: Bug Bites, Sunburns, and Yiddish!

During steamy Manhattan summers, many of us dream of escaping the scalding sidewalks and...

Blog Archive | Jul 30, 2013

The Single Most Important Day of the Year – National Lasagna Day!

We’re a little confused as to why National Lasagna Day is in the hottest part of the...

Blog Archive | Jul 25, 2013

Ludlow Street Today: An Interview with Matt, Former LES Resident

In the early 20th century, Ludlow Street was the most densely populated street in the...

Blog Archive | Jul 23, 2013

A Weekend Trip with Colonial Architecture and Canons

When you think of a weekend getaway to a beach, how often do you associate it with a...

Blog Archive | Jul 18, 2013

Fun With Linoleum (No, Really!)

Recently, we've done some conservation work that required us to pry up floorboards in...

Blog Archive | Jul 16, 2013

On This Day: 1863, The New York City Draft Riots

On this day in 1863, Lower East Side residents would have been very uneasy. The smoke...

Blog Archive | Jul 15, 2013

A Tenement So Hot, It’s Got to Have Shades

As you may have guessed, and as our summer visitors may have experienced, the...

Meet some of the people whose stories are told through the Tenement Museum. A visually compelling experience, the book is culmination of over 30 years of dedicated stewardship of 2 Tenement buildings on Orchard Street through vivid photographs of the last two centuries.

Your Story, Our Story features objects that tell personal stories of American immigration and migration. The Tenement Museum invites people across the country to share these mementos and stories in our online digital storytelling exhibit.