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“What’s Your Favorite Building?” Contest Winner


Without futher ado, we’d like to announce the winner of our “What’s Your Favorite Building?” contest, Kristin Busardo Cuomo. Here’s Kristin’s post:

“My favorite building in the city: 296 West 11th Street. The view from the third floor, second window to the right, 296 West 11th street was my introduction to the world. From the mid 80’s and into the 90’s I sat on the sill of the window in the apartment where my grandparents raised my mother after moving further up and west from their roots around the five points area. From this vantage in the railroad apartment that we called home, I was connected to my family’s past swirling behind me and the ever changing modernity of the city flying before the window pane in front of me. My little heart pulsed between the two worlds and grew to love them both.”

Kristin's favorite building: 296 West 11th Street in New York City

We had other votes for well known buildings like Radio City Music Hall and the Cooper Union building, as well as less obvious choices and some heartfelt votes for family homes. Huge thanks to everyone who participated!

Join us tomorrow at 6:30 pm for our “What’s Your Favorite Building?” Tenement Talk to hear historic preservationist and Columbia University professor Andrew Dolkart, professor of architecture Francis Leadon, and preservationist Mary Beth Betts each make a case for their own favorite buildings!

Posted by Kira Garcia, who loves the United Order of Tents building in Bed-Stuy, and Lib Tietjen, who favors the Domino Sugar Factory.