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Where Pushcarts Meet Touch Screens


For almost 25 years, the Tenement Museum has been connecting past and present by drawing parallels between historic and contemporary immigrant experiences. For our “Shop Life” exhibit, we’ll take this one step further when we unveil the Museum’s first interactive technologies!

Visitors will choose an object related to one of the historic businesses at 97 Orchard Street and place it on our “sales counter” to launch a related multi-media presentation.

Trying out our new touch screens

Tenement Museum Educators Ellysheva Zeira and Ya-Yun Teng try out our new touch-screens.

The counter functions as a touch screen, allowing visitors to select the images and stories they find most interesting. By showcasing decades of history in one spot, this interactive component lets us tell more of the amazing stories that unfolded in the shops at 97 Orchard Street–from the kosher meat riots of 1902 all the way to the heyday of the Orchard Street “Bargain District” in the 1970’s.

Touch screen close-up

Visitors will get a close look at historic photographs and stories with this new technology.

We hope you’ll stop by to take a look when “Shop Life” launches next month! — Posted by Kira Garcia