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Your Story, Our Story: Refugees


We are deeply saddened to see the worsening crisis in Afghanistan, and our thoughts go to those impacted around the world. As stories emerge of people able to leave, and those unable to, we’ll be sharing personal stories of people displaced by war and crisis. These stories were written and contributed to our Your Story, Our Story collection from people across the country.

Your Story, Our Story is a national project that highlights stories of migration and cultural identity, past and present, through objects and traditions. Each story reveals one individual’s experience. Together, our stories help us see how our unique histories shape the nation, and the patterns that bind us together.

This collection includes stories of refugees from Vietnam, Syria, Cambodia, Somalia, Hungary, Poland, as well as Afghanistan. Though each story is unique, there are connections we can find together as we explore how communities – in your neighborhood or online – come together in times of crisis.

If you would like to help people affected, consider making a donation to the International Rescue Committee, who are working in both Afghanistan and the US.

My Mother’s Watch, Vietnam – Huong Hua

Somali Landscape –  LEAP High School Student

Brown Fur Coat, Syria – Zeina