Digital Stories

While you can’t visit our historic tenement buildings, you can still explore the stories that serve as the foundation of the Tenement Museum. From digital exhibits to behind-the-scenes articles to our award-winning podcast, you will find yourself immersed in the stories that make the Museum so unique.

Black and white photo of Jacob Burinescu's family standing on either side of his tombstone

Digital Exhibits

Visit the Tenement Museum’s interactive, digital exhibits, which provide a fascinating, in-depth historical look at life on the Lower East Side. Current exhibits include Immigrants Mean Business:  An Enduring History of Entrepreneurship, Beyond Statistics: Living in a Pandemic, Tenement Women: Agents of Change, and The Census: Reading Between the Lines.

Video Stories

Check out our archive of past virtual and in-person events, including family activities, book talks, teacher workshops, panel discussions, and more.

Listen to Featured Podcast Episodes

Hear the American stories not shared in your standard history book on featured episodes of “How To Be American,” a Tenement Museum Podcast.

Black and white portrait of Maritcha Lyons, a Black female educator, in formal dress

Burial Grounds

Communities don’t always have all the facts they need to reconstruct past realities, nor do institutions have all the histories to preserve the past. In this episode, we’ll uncover a Pre-Harlem World that’s been buried for more than 156 years.

Drawing of a woman with medium-brown skin tone in front of an American flag, the Statue of Liberty, and the silhouettes of refugees

I Would Cross a Million Borders

Explore how two women, one during the 20s and one just a few years ago, navigated the American immigration system and all its pitfalls.

A group of young adults play stickball on the street. The batter takes a swing as the catcher and umpire wait expectantly behind

Our Game

Explore the history of stickball with baseball historians and stickball players and learn about the significance of being able to turn city streets and the sides of buildings into your very own ‘field of dreams’.

Close up view of various colorfully patterned layers of old wallpaper

Behind the Wallpaper

With the support of our members, we have opened up exclusive behind the scenes content to the public. Browse in-depth articles and explore objects from our collection.

Tenement Museum Blog

Explore exciting new reads on our blog, covering a range of topics, and written by long-time Tenement Museum Staffers.

Explore Life in a Tenement

Meet the former residents of our two historic buildings and find out what life was like in a tenement.

Family Photo

The Stories of 97 Orchard Street

Mrs Wong and Kevin in front of their home on Delancey Street circa 1980

The Stories of 103 Orchard Street

Explore Life in America

Learn what life was like on the Lower East Side over time and explore the history of immigration in America.

Life on the Lower East Side

Black and white photo of a traveling family of 4, with 2 adults and 2 children, all wearing coats as one adult holds a large piece of luggage

Immigration in America

Graphic for 103 Orchard Street website with a sectioned collage of pictures from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s

Browse Remote Learning Resources

Browse reading and writing activities, listening and watching activities, interactive games, and more.

Screenshot from a group video call. Seven Museum staff members smile in front of Tenement-themed virtual backgrounds.

Zoom into the Past

As a way to bring elements of the Tenement experience to you, we have made available images from our historic apartments for you to use as a background on your video calls! Impress your friends and family on your next call by placing yourself in the middle of the Italian Baldizzi family kitchen in the 1920s or the Irish Moore family living room in the 1860s! Join us to #zoomintothepast

Objects of Comfort

Become a part of our collection

As the current crisis becomes a part of our history, will the objects that bring you comfort today become a part of your family’s history tomorrow? Help us build this important collection by submitting your story.

Virtual Experiences

Check out our upcoming live public programs, and find out how to host a private virtual Tenement Museum event of your own!