Lesson Plan

Examine a Factory Inspection Report

Explore how im/migrants get started through an actual factory inspection report from 1892.

Students investigate an actual factory inspection report from 1892 to learn about how the Levine family used the garment industry to get their lives started in the New York City. To deepen their knowledge about the Levines, they can read the Levine family article.


Getting Started


1-3 Class Periods


How do people start a new life when they immigrate or migrate to a new place?

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Important Information

What will students understand through this lesson?

  • People move for many reasons – to escape persecution, for economic opportunity, safety, education. There is often more than one reason, and the reasons can be “push” and “pull” factors together.
  • Im/migrants bring everyday objects and traditions with them when they come to a new place to continue their cultural practices and find connection and comfort.
  • Im/migrants adapt to new living conditions and types of communities, often with creativity and resourcefulness. Communities help people meet their needs in a new place.
  • Neighborhoods with many immigrants and their children develop because they provide work, support, access to culture, less racism and discrimination, and friendship. While adult immigrants often spend time with people who speak their home language, children often make friends across difference.
  • Cities like New York, and neighborhoods like the Lower East Side, have many jobs for newcomers and immigrants. Many of these jobs are difficult, but work can be a place where people find community to continue their cultural or religious practices, and also where they influence and impact American society, culture(s), and economy.

Primary Sources

1892 Factory Inspection Report

Learn the ins and outs of the garment factory the Levine family ran out of their own home.

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