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Interactive: Explore a 1910 Census

As you start the Examine a 1910 Census lesson plan, explore the census and associated primary sources with your class!

The Rogarshevsky Family Story considers the life of a Jewish American family who lived in 97 Orchard Street in the early 20th century.

Aside from a lesson plan aid, this interactive primary source for grades 3 – 12 works great as a comprehension and connection review exercise for our 1910s Rogarshevsky family virtual field trip!

Associated Lesson Plan

Associated Family Story Article

Associated Virtual Field Trip

1910s Rogarshevsky Family  | The Rogarshevsky Family story features a Jewish American family and their 1911 tenement home. Students learn about the push and pull factors of Eastern European immigration, their journey through Ellis Island, and their work in the garment industry on the Lower East Side.

  • Themes: Culture and Identity, Industrialization and Labor, Push and Pull Factors
  • Topic: European immigration, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory

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