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With Tenement Museum resources, students become historians. Using our teacher-designed, teacher-tested lesson plans, students engage in inquiry and learn to use critical thinking to interpret objects, oral histories, and primary sources, while making history relevant to today. Our classroom resources support multi-state History-Social Studies and English Language Arts curricula and can be used with or without a museum visit.

We currently offer four kinds of resources for teachers, including unit plans, lesson plans, and family stories. Whichever resource you select, you will find primary sources such as video stories, oral histories, documents, and photos in each. Educators can sort by grade level, unit plan, lesson plan, family stories, or primary source type below.

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Lower Elementary: 1-3rd Grade

Teaching with Primary Sources: Lower Elementary

Students investigate primary source documents in order to learn about people, places,...

High School: 9-12th Grade

Teaching with Oral History: High School

Students explore how multiple perspectives are integral to understanding history.

Portrait of Fanny Rogarshevsky.
Middle School: 6-8th Grade

Teaching with Oral History: Middle School

Students explore how historians use oral histories to understand events, people, and...

Lower Elementary: 1-3rd Grade

Teaching with Oral History: Lower Elementary

Students utilize oral histories as a tool for learning about people, places, and events.

High School: 9-12th Grade

Teaching with Objects: High School

Students investigate how historians and curators use historical objects to inform our...

Middle School: 6-8th Grade

Teaching with Objects: Middle School

Students explore a collection of objects in order to identity their owner.

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