Lesson Plan

Teaching with Objects: Middle School

Historical objects are a tool to learn about people, places, and events.

During this lesson, students explore a collection of objects in order to identity their owner. As they examine and analyze the objects for clues that reveal who the person was, they consider how objects communicate information about all of us.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Understand that objects provide information about people, places, and events.
  • Experience how researchers use objects to find information about people who lived in the past.
  •  Learn the importance of compiling research in order to reconstruct history.

Grade Levels

Middle School | Grades 6-8


1‐3 class periods

Related Programs

All, Uses content from Meet Victoria

Essential Objectives

  • How do historians learn about the past?
  • How can research help us to understand the past?


(see appendix)

  • Object Photos
  • Object Guide
  • Photograph of the Confino family’s apartment
  • Object Study Worksheet
  • Description of Victoria Confino


  • History
  • Historian
  • Artifacts

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