Family Story

The Wong Family Story

Learn about the Wongs, a Chinese American family who lived in 103 Orchard Street in the 1970s.


This article shares the story of the Wong family in the 1970s. Students learn about Mrs. Wong’s work in garment factories and her membership in the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union, and explore the kids’ lives as Chinese Americans growing up near a blossoming Chinatown. Primary sources include oral histories with two of the children, and a video of a garment factory in the 1980s. The teacher’s guide includes student-facing questions and writing activities.

Time Period

1970s – 1980s

Related Topics

  • 20th Century Chinese Immigration
  • Garment Industry

Primary Sources

  • Oral History: Alison talks about Watching TV – Hear Alison Wong, who came to the United States from China as a baby, talk about watching American TV in the 1970’s with her mother. (See below)
  • Video: 1980’s Garment Factory Footage – See what it was like to work in a Chinatown Garment shop in the 1980’s and hear the thoughts of one of the works, Mrs. Wong. (See below)
  • Oral History: Kevin discusses his name – Hear the story of how a 5th grade student went from Yat Chung Wong to Kevin Wong. (See below)

Associated Lessons

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