NYC Neighborhood Walking Tours

Guided walking tours of NYC’s Lower East Side at the Tenement Museum offer locals and visitors the opportunity to rediscover the city. Explore the often-forgotten places, unexplored spaces, and the many histories of migration over centuries on daily walking tours of the storied Lower East Side neighborhood. Get to know the city by visiting historical sites and learning about the people and neighborhoods that made New York City what it is today. Our neighborhood walking tours are available for both individual ticket holders and private groups.

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The Grand Street Guild and Saint Marys Church
Neighborhood Walking Tours

Building on the Lower East Side

Every building on the Lower East Side tells its own story. On this tour, learn about the architects, artists and everyday people who influenced the design and use of the neighborhood’s buildings and shaped the streetscape of you see today.

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Neighborhood Walking Tours

Reclaiming Black Spaces

From the story of Sebastiaen de Britto, one of the first Black residents of the area in the 1640s, to Studio We, a musician’s collective in the 1970s, we’ll look through windows into the past that expand the history of today’s Lower East Side.

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Historic photo of the Forward Building on the Lower East Side
Neighborhood Walking Tours

Outside the Home

Discover how Lower East Siders shaped and were shaped by their neighborhood over the 19th and early 20th Centuries. From stores to parks, movie theaters to schools, discover how these spaces became important cultural centers.

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The Tenement Museum reserves the right to refuse or revoke the admission of any visitor whose conduct violates our guidelines. Please contact Visitor Services at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns relating to your visit.