Private Evening Tours

Explore the museum without the crowds. With our private tours in the evenings, groups can experience the museum after hours and take advantage of special programs that are only offered at night.

Apartment Tours

Kitchen in the recreated apartment of the Baldizzi family

Hard Times

Find inspiration in the resilience of two families as they confront economic struggles — the Gumpertzes in the 1870s, and the Baldizzis in the Great Depression.

Sweatshop Workers

Meet two families who made their living in the turn-of-the-century garment trade, discovering how they wove together work, family, culture, and religion.

1869 parlor inside the Moore family's recreated apartment

Irish Outsiders

Explore discrimination, cultural pride, and identity through the story of the Moore family and visit their recreated 1869 home inside 97 Orchard Street.

Kitchen inside a recreated apartment at 103 Orchard Street

Under One Roof

Discover stories of Lower East Side arrivals who lived at 103 Orchard Street in the 1950s through the 1980s and worked in the neighborhood’s garment industry.

Exterior of the historic tenement at 97 Orchard Street

Exploring 97 Orchard Street

Explore the layers of history found at 97 Orchard Street’s and discover how the landlords and tenants left their mark on the building.

The recreated kitchen of the Schneider family

Shop Life

Visit a recreated 1870s lager beer saloon and the apartment of it’s proprietors as well as an interactive multi-media exhibit exploring past 97 Orchard shops.

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A costumed actor playing Bridget Moore

LIVE! At the Tenement

Experience daily life at 97 Orchard Street by interacting with actors portraying members of the Moore(1868), Levine (1898), and Baldizzi (1935) families.

Costumed actors playing John and Caroline Schneider

Last Call! At Schneider’s Saloon

Meet John and Caroline Schneider, the married proprietors of 97 Orchard Street’s first, and longest-lived business.

A food spread on a table of Lower East Side delicacies

Tastings At the Tenement

Taste a variety of foods from our neighborhood while sharing discussion about food’s role in immigration history, the neighborhood, and wider American culture.

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