Theme: Complicating Stereotypes | Grades 6 – 8

Complicating Stereotypes     Students learn about history of untrue narratives about different groups of people, understand how immigrants and migrants build structures of support to combat stereotypes, and hear human stories that foster connection.

1916 Meet Victoria

Meet Victoria is a costumed interpretation program. Students will be transported back in time to 1916 to learn from and interact with an actor playing Victoria Confino, an actual 14-year-old girl who immigrated to the United States through Ellis Island in 1913.  Victoria will show students her home and daily life, tells stories based on her life experiences, and share how her family keeps their culture alive through food, language, holiday celebrations, and more. Students will learn about the push and pull factors bringing immigrants to the US at the time as well as cultural adaptation to a new home.   Throughout the program, students engage with Victoria by asking her questions and making connections.

Themes: Complicating Stereotypes, Culture and Identity

Topics: European Immigration

Duration: 60 minutes

Connections to our Curriculum:


1970’s Wong Family   

The Wong family story features a Chinese American family and their 1970’s tenement home. With the help of immigration scholars, students learn about push and pull factors of their immigration and its relation to the Chinese Exclusion Act and subsequent immigration laws. Through exploration of a recreated apartment and garment shop, students will explore how the Wongs made a home in the neighborhood and how their experiences reflect the growth of Chinese communities and the garment industry in New York. Video interviews and family and neighborhood photographs will allow students to examine how different generations of the family navigate language, schooling, media, and work, leading students to discuss how they themselves form their own senses of identity and belonging.

 Themes: Complicating Stereotypes, Industrialization and LaborCulture and Identity

Topics: Asian Immigration    

Duration: 60 minutes 

Connections to our Curriculum: 


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