Watch Past Events

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Foods of the Lower East Side

Our food programming, from book talks to workshops, serves to strengthen the connection between food and our histories.

A Nickel for a Pickle: A Pickle Lesson with the Tenement Museum

Virtual Book Talk: Jewish Cooking

From Orchard to Essex: Street Peddlers and Market Vendors

Family Events and Hands-On Activities

Geared towards children, these programs use arts & crafts and storytelling to help families engage with the past.

Capturing History: Create a Time Capsule

Working from Home in 1905: Making Paper Flowers

DIY Toys and Games of the Past and Present

Book Talks

Our book talks allow us to engage with authors discussing a wide array of immigrant and New York City history.

Chinatown Pretty

Biography of a Tenement House in New York City

Jennifer Egan’s Writings

Stories of New York

These programs discuss the vibrant, complicated, diverse, and unique stories that make up New York – past and present.

Secrets from the Privy Vault: Insights on a Tenement Rear Yard

Everyday Chinatown: Stories of Ordinary Artifacts

A Journey to Freedom

Tenement Talks

Held at the Tenement Museum, these talks and panel discussions allow us to engage with the community and have conversations on issues relevant to our mission.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche

The Opposite of Freedom: Detention in the Land of the Free

Black Placemaking: Reinterpreting Lower East Side History

Objects of Comfort

Part of the Your Story, Our Story collection, Objects of Comfort highlight the objects that hold the stories, passed down through the generations, that illustrate our ancestor’s resilience through hardship and bring us comfort during difficult times.

Objects of Comfort from the Tenement Museum

Korie’s Object of Comfort

Mengshu’s Object of Comfort