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Teach The Immigrant Experience
Tours for K-12 students use history to teach about New York and immigration.

All tours comply with NY State Learning Standards and facilitate the New Jersey Core Proficiencies for basic social studies skills, attitudes and knowledge.

Due to the generosity of the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, the Tenement Museum is pleased to offer a limited number of free tickets for underserved populations throughout New York City. To apply to be a part of our Good Neighbor program, please complete and return the application found here.

For more information on Distance Learning and Virtual Visit programs, please check our Accessible Tours and Services.

K-12 Tours
These K-12 tours use history to teach students about contemporary issues. All tours comply with New York State Learning Standards and facilitate the New Jersey Core Proficiencies for basic social studies skills, attitudes and knowledge.

Meet the Residents: Living History Programs

Living history programs use costumed interpreters to bring past residents of 97 Orchard Street to life. Students meet interpreters portraying actual residents and hear first-hand about their experiences.

Victoria Confino

Confino Family Living History Program
Play the part of a new immigrant family in 1916 searching for your first home. Get help from Victoria Confino, a 14-year-old immigrant who lives at 97 Orchard Street. Students ask Victoria questions to prepare them for their new lives in America and learn about the universal immigrant experience of starting your life over. Grades K-12

Bridget Moore

Bridget Moore
Travel back to 1868 and help Bridget Moore prepare for her housewarming party. Students talk to Bridget about her experience as one of only two Irish families at 97 Orchard Street, and draw connections between Bridget's experience and homesickness and discrimination today. Grades K-6

Tenement Inspectors

Tenement Inspectors
Take on the role of housing inspectors in 1906. Interview a tenant and a landlord and investigate 97 Orchard Street to determine if the building is up to code. As students debate who is responsible for taking care of the building, they think critically about safety and gain the tools to inspect their own homes today. Grades 4-8

Tour the building: Explore Family Stories

Interactive building tours tell the stories of immigrant families that lived at 97 Orchard Street. Educators use storytelling, activities, and objects to engage with history.

Hard Times

Getting By
See how life at 97 Orchard Street differed for a German- Jewish family in the 1870s and a Sicilian-Catholic family during the 1930s. As students explore the Gumpertz and Baldizzi apartments, they learn how families cope with hard times and who they can turn to for help. Grades 1-12

Irish Outsiders

The Irish Apartment Tour
Experience the immigrant saga through the music of Irish America. Visit the 1869 home of the Moores, Irish immigrants coping with the death of a child and explore issues of discrimination, healthcare, and survival. Grades 7-12

Sweatshop Workers

Piecing It Together
Visit the homes of two Jewish families who lived at 97 Orchard Street during the great wave of immigration. Learn about the jobs the Levine and Rogarshevsky families found in the garment industry and how work influences family's home, cultural traditions, and social lives. Grades 1-12

Neighborhood Walking Tours

Neighborhood walking tours explore the Lower East Side and uncover the history and culture within the city streets. Walking tours take place outside, rain or shine and do not enter the tenement building.

Taste of Tenement

Food Tour
Elementary school students embark on a culinary journey. As they investigate the neighborhood restaurants and markets, they sample foods and learn about the role immigrants play within American food culture. Grades 1-6

Foods of the lower East Side

Food Tour
Students investigate the food culture of the Lower East Side. As they sample local treats representative of the neighborhood’s rich history, they explore the interplay between American and immigrant foodways. Grades 7-12

Outside the home

Lower East Side Walking Tour
Investigate communal spaces and places central to immigrant life a century ago. Sites include the towering Jarmulowsky Bank building, where immigrants deposited (and eventually lost) their life savings; the Jewish Daily Forward building, where socialists fought for worker rights; and PS 42, where generations of immigrants learned how to be "American". Grades 5-12

Then and now

Food Tour
Every few years, a new wave of people and buildings transforms the Lower East Side. Learn how to read the history of change in the neighborhood. Visit a tenement that became a Chinese laundry, a synagogue that became a church, and a public school that became a Latino cultural center. Grades 5-12

ESOL Workshops

Shared Journeys

ESOL Workshops for High School Students
Free ESOL workshops for high school students provide a unique context for English language learning, help students place their own immigration experience within a broader historical and political framework, and promotes critical engagement with civic issues. Grades 9-12

Off-site Programs

Virtual Visit with Victoria

Virtual Visit with Victoria
Assume the role of a new immigrant family in 1916 and use videoconferencing to virtually "visit" a costumed interpreter portraying 14-year-old Victoria Confino in her tenement apartment. Ask questions about Victoria's family, home, and life on the Lower East Side. For more information, visit Grades 7-12
Prices K-12 Students: $8; $14 for 2 programs (weekdays);
$10; $17 for 2 programs (weekends)

NY Public Schools (5 boroughs): $6 for students, $10 for chaperones.
Questions? The FAQ page is the easiest way to get help.

To contact us directly, call 212-431-0233 x241 or email groups(at)

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Reservation requests are required and must be made at least 3 weeks in advance. Programs often fill up several months in advance. Please make your request as soon as possible.
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Most programs last 1 to 2 hours. Length depends on the tour(s) you chose and your group size.

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All tours are led by experienced educators. The Meet the Resident series also feature constumed interpreters. Please note that walking tours take place outside and do not include a visit to the tenement building.

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