Professional Learning Workshops

Discover innovative ways to introduce students to the topics of immigration, migration and refugees throughout U.S. history. In our virtual and in-person workshops for teacher professional learning, explore this history with historians to enrich your cultural understanding, as our team of educators demonstrate strategies that will enrich your classroom practice.

In-person professional learning workshops can include tours of our historic tenements at 97 and 103 Orchard Street, and of our Lower East Side neighborhood, a continuing gateway for new immigrants, migrants, and refugees to the United States. Virtual workshops offer teachers from greater distances opportunities engage with historians and educators with New York history, and weave threads to their own area.

Each workshop teaches techniques to incorporate primary sources, multiple perspectives, and narratives into your curriculum, as well as methods of exploring contemporary issues through the lens of history. As is true of all museum’s educational programs, these workshops align with the goals of national and New York State learning standards.

More workshops coming soon!

Past Workshops

The Tenement Museum’s professional learning workshops for teachers are made possible, in part, through a generous grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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