Host a Group Visit

Whether you are planning an experience for your college students, staff, patrons, club, family, friends, or alumni group, the Tenement Museum offers truly unique in-person and virtual options. Your guests will be guided by our Museum educators through the recreated spaces of our historic tenement buildings or the surrounding Lower East Side neighborhood.

Reservations for groups can be scheduled throughout the day from 10 am – 5 pm.  Slots book up quickly, so early reservations are recommended at least 2 weeks in advance.

Onsite Experiences

97 Orchard Street, Staircase, entryway

Tenement Apartment Tours

The museum’s two historic buildings were home to thousands of residents in the Lower East Side neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. Apartment tours invite visitors to explore historically recreated spaces in restored tenement buildings and discover how im/migrants experienced life in these homes and built communities here in the 19th and 20th centuries. Tours are guided by Educators who offer historical perspectives that connect to the past and present stories of immigration and migration in the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Walking Tours

Walking tours at the Tenement Museum offer visitors the opportunity to explore the often-forgotten places, unexplored spaces, and untold stories that have shaped one of America’s iconic immigrant neighborhoods. Discover the city by visiting historical sites in the dynamic and ever-changing Lower East Side and learn about the people and neighborhoods that made New York City what it is today.

People standing on line to order food

Essex Market Package

Book a private tour with a tasting at Essex Market, the Lower East Side’s historic public food market! Connect the family story from your tour to the history of the market, taste samples from a local vendor, and visit the Museum’s pop-up exhibit highlighting food stories from our Your Story, Our Story collection.

Virtual Experiences

We offer virtual event experiences to fit varying budgets, starting at $300. Tenement Museum members receive a 15% discount on private interactive experiences.

Browse our offerings to learn more. Book your private virtual event by inquiring below.

Classic Experience

A 60-minute interactive virtual visit to the Tenement Museum, with a Tenement Museum Educator. We’ll take you inside 97 Orchard Street and through the history of a family who lived there. You’ll learn about daily life in the past, see the spaces, meet the people, and get to ask questions about the history. These events can be tailored for groups with young children.

GIF of various Orchard Street family apartments and recreated displays

The Rogarshevsky Family | Explore the story of the Rogarshevskys, a Jewish American family from Lithuania who lived at 97 Orchard Street in the 1910s. Discuss how the family earned a living in the garment industry, and how that work impacted their experiences at home.

The Baldizzi Family | Visit the 1930s home of Adolpho and Rosaria Baldizzi, immigrants from Sicily who lived at 97 Orchard Street with their children, Josephine and Johnny. Learn how they survived the economic hardships of the Great Depression, and explore their options for support from their community and government programs.

The Saez Velez Family | Visit the 1960s home of the Saez Velez family, who migrated from Puerto Rico and lived at 103 Orchard Street. Learn about their experiences living in a more culturally diverse neighborhood, and what opportunities and challenges they faced migrating as US citizens.

The Wong Family | Explore the story of the Wongs, a Chinese American family who lived in 103 Orchard Street in the 1970s. Look at how they made a home and how their experiences reflect the growth of Chinese communities and the garment industry in New York in the wake of changing immigration laws.

The Epstein Family | Visit the home of the Epstein family in the 1950s, where Kalman and Rivka Epstein lived after arriving as Holocaust survivors. Explore how they raised daughters in the city, and how the family found support and belonging in an increasingly diverse neighborhood.

Specialized Experience

A 60-minute interactive virtual experience that explores in-depth, topical discussions led by experts and educators. Specialized experiences explore topics including public health, public education, women’s history, and personal storytelling.

GIF of various past tenant's personal items; which include a domino set, a glass vase, and a 1869 newspaper

Piecing It Together | This program looks at two families, the Rogarshevskys and the Wongs, separated by 70 years yet connected by their work in the garment industry in Lower Manhattan. Explore stories of the women in these families who sewed for a living, how this work shaped who they were, and how they affected change in their time.

Exploring a Tenement | On this virtual hard hat tour, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the process and philosophy behind the Tenement Museum’s recreated historic spaces. Learn what it takes to recreate apartments from the 1860s and 1930s with before and after pictures, why some areas haven’t been recreated, and how we make choices and preservation in our historic tenement.

Reclaiming Black Spaces | In our newest virtual tour, we highlight stories of how Black and African Americans shaped Lower Manhattan as they made homes, businesses, and communities here over centuries. Explore how their experiences were shaped by migration, how Black communities created a sense of home, and how they resisted the racism they faced.

Group Rates

Adult Private Tours

Groups of 2-15 $450
Groups of 16-30 $900
Groups of 31-45 $1,350
Groups of 46-60 $1,800
Groups of 60-75 $2,250

College/Senior Group Tours

Groups of 2-15 $390
Groups of 16-30 $780
Groups of 31-45 $1,170
Groups of 46-60 $1,560
Groups of 60-75 $1,950

Premium Pricing
(Tours outside regular operating hours and weekends)

Groups of 2-15 $500
Groups of 16-30 $1,000
Groups of 31-45 $1,500
Groups of 46-60 $2,000
Groups of 60-75 $2,500

*Our tour capacity is up to 15 per group. If you have more participants interested in joining, we will offer multiple tours that begin/end at the same time.

Photo of students in classroom

College-Level Virtual Experiences

Tenement Museum virtual tours immerse students in the past through the use of 360° images, video and audio recordings, and primary sources. During a live, online interactive event, a Museum Educator will share stories of families who lived in our historic buildings for an interactive, inquiry-based experience that makes history relevant.