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The Tenement Museum tells the uniquely American stories of immigrants, migrants, and refugees in the ongoing creation of our nation. Follow our blog for stories past and present, behind-the-scenes access to the Museum, and more!

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Gumpertz Wallpaper Graphic: What Would You Do?

JOIN THE DEBATE: Wallpaper or Paint?

Assorted antique bottles
Tenement Museum Collections

Foundation Finds

Man holding pizza
New York City History

A Slice of Heritage

Portrait for LGBTQ+Orgs support
New York City History

11 LGBTQ+ Organizations You Can Support

When newcomers first arrive in New York City, they are oftentimes in need of support. In...

Immigration History | May 26, 2023

The Lasting Legacy of the Johnson-Reed Act

Looming machine

What’s Looming at the Tenement Museum

Can you complete a crossword puzzle from 1935? Graphic with photo of antique crossword puzzle.
Tenement Museum Collections

Tenement 1930s Crossword Puzzle

Last month, we began work on our previously untouched fifth floor of 97 Orchard Street. As...

Black and white photo of black students in classroom standing in the front of the class.
New York City History | Feb 3, 2023

The 1964 Freedom Day Boycott in New York City

Graphic for Tenement Holiday Crossword Puzzle
Tenement Museum Collections

Tenement Holiday Crossword Puzzle

Sip on some hot cocoa as you work on this special holiday crossword puzzle! Inspired by...

Oddities: Antique Oujia Board
Great Reads

5 Spooky Tenement Museum Secrets

Linoleum tile
Great Reads, Tenement Museum Collections | Jun 8, 2022

Caring for 100-Year Old Linoleum

Chemo Trio playing performing with instruments
New York City History | Feb 23, 2022

The Chembo Corniel Trio at the Tenement Museum