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New York: Delivered


The Tenement Museum is the center of our universe, but not everybody is lucky enough to visit the Tenement Museum every day.  We are proud to have visitors from all over the world. Perhaps you are one such visitor. So you’ve visited us on the Lower East Side, you met Victoria, and you learned the history of the neighborhood with a walking tour. Then you’ve waited in a really, really long line at Magnolia Bakery, you’ve waited in an even longer line to see the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, and then you waited in a line that put them both to shame in security at LaGuardia Airport. You are finally on the plane, saddened to have left the Big Apple, but relieved to have made it to your seat when you realize….


No matter what you wanted from the Museum Shop – no matter if you live in Palo Alto or in Harlem – the new, improved online store is here to help.

Here are four of our shop essentials for all New Yorkers:

The “Dear New York, I love you.” onesie


The onesie that says it all- from the Tenement Museum Shop.

The true New Yorker is a New Yorker from birth, even if she is born in Cleveland. This cotton onesie in chic neutrals is a perfect gift for any future New Yorker, whether welcomed to the world within the boroughs or without. Your infant may not be a struggling writer yet… but there is still time for him to squander your hard earned dollars on an MFA and move to Brooklyn. At just $24.99, it’s the perfect way to start supporting your artist to be. Available for bohemians ages 0-3 months or 3-6 months.


 The Ivan Ramen Cookbook

The only thing cooler than waiting two hours to be seated at Ivan Ramen is making the recipes at home.

New Yorkers do everything best – just ask ‘em. Sometimes this means being able to order the best take-out and sometimes this means whipping up restaurant quality food at home. Get Japan’s most delectable comfort food in the comfort of your home. Some of the longest lines in the city are outside of restaurants serving ramen, a flavor-rich Japanese noodle soup. Bring home Ivan Orkin’s eponymous cook book while it’s ‘on trend,’ and thank yourself long after the tourists have moved on to tacos.


The New York Focus Cloth

Because the sun never sets when you are riding the subway.

The essential ingredients for eating Breakfast at Tiffany’s: coffee, danish, sunglasses. New Yorkers care about their eyewear. From filmmaker Woody Allen’s thick frames to Vogue Editor Anna Wintour’s discrete disguise, many iconic New Yorkers are spectacled. But you can’t go around with schmutzig lenses – that’s just not chic. Nor can a real New Yorker be seen consulting a map. Slip our New York Subway focus cloth into your pocket and thank us later.




Postcards From the New Yorker: One Hundred Covers from Ten Decades

For the foreign correspondent, the domestic correspondent, the cultural correspondent - New Yorker postcards.

What better way to keep in touch with all your fellow New Yorkers-at-heart than through postcards of classic covers from the New Yorker magazine? The New Yorker, founded in 1925, has been a hallmark of the New York intelligencia ever since. This collection of postcards features 100 urbane covers for your urban friends and family.

— Posted by your personal shoppers at the Tenement Museum