Experience the Museum from Home


We’re open! Join us on Saturdays and Sundays for a Neighborhood Walking Tour!

Walking Tours

We are offering Lower East Side walking tours to small groups on Saturdays and Sundays. Tours are available for both individual ticket holders or private groups.

Private Virtual Events

Host a private virtual event with the Tenement Museum! Your guests will interact with experts, educators, or costumed interpreters, and be guided through the recreated spaces of our historic tenement buildings and the lives of the families who lived there, using videos, archival images, and oral histories.

Calendar of Events

Explore our schedule of weekly free virtual events on Youtube Live, and purchase tickets to our virtual tours. You can view video recordings of past virtual live events.

Virtual Field Trips

The Tenement Museum’s private K-12 programs offers your class a chance a ‘visit’ to our recreated apartments from anywhere in the world, with our Educators taking you into the building and apartments using pre-recorded video, and share stories of a family who lived in our historic buildings.

Digital Exhibits

Visit the Tenement Museum’s interactive, digital exhibits, which provide a fascinating, in-depth historical look at life on the Lower East Side. Current exhibits include Beyond Statistics: Living in a Pandemic, Tenement Women: Agents of Change, and The Census: Reading Between the Lines.

Remote Learning

Explore Tenement Museum resources that may offer inspiration and spark curiosity while students are learning outside the classroom. Virtual field trips are available for you to visit the recreated spaces of our historic building with your class.

Sharing Stories of the Immigrant Experience

The Tenement Museum celebrates the enduring stories that define and strengthen what it means to be American. We share stories of the immigrant and migrant experience through immersive guided tours, educational content and programs, and thought leadership, with one important goal — to advance the understanding of immigration and to highlight its role in the ongoing creation of our nation.

Throughout history and into the present day, millions of people moved to and around the United States in pursuit of the American Dream. While it may at times be easy to see the gaps between “us” and “them,” a closer look reveals how these newest citizens demonstrate the human spirit of our nation’s ideals. And, the understanding that results is that it doesn’t matter why they came; what matters is that they did.