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Tenement 1930s Crossword Puzzle

Can you complete a crossword puzzle from 1935? Graphic with photo of antique crossword puzzle.


Last month, we began work on our previously untouched fifth floor of 97 Orchard Street. As our Curatorial Team began removing layers of linoleum, we found this newspaper crossword from April 4, 1935 – and a former resident filled in some of the answers almost 80 years ago!

Try your hand at completing a part of the puzzle and test your knowledge of 1930s pop culture!

Note: If the interactive media fails to load correctly, please check that private browsing/incognito mode is off.

Video Still with play button

Why are there so many old newspapers in our historic tenement building?

As we’ve been sharing on social media old newspapers recently found under the floors during our ongoing preservation of 97 Orchard Street, we’ve been getting a lot of questions – mostly “What?” and “Why?” Check out our Collections Manager with an answer!

Miscellaneous objects including playing cards, fuses, screwdriver, hammer, and other tools

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