COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures

We look forward to welcoming you to the Tenement Museum. We are excited to offer both guided tours inside our historic tenement buildings and walking tours of the neighborhood. Below are the visitor COVID-19 safety guidelines to help orient you before you arrive and ensure you get the most out of your experience.

Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination is required before taking any tour for all visitors. Starting December 1st, fully vaccinated children ages 5+ will be permitted on building tours. Children ages 5-11 who are not vaccinated or are unable to be vaccinated can attend a neighborhood walking tour or visit us virtually through our virtual programs and events. Children under 5 cannot attend building tours at this time.

The Museum’s COVID guidelines apply to all visitors, regardless of vaccination status.

By purchasing a tour at the Tenement Museum, you agree to abide by these policies. To ensure that we are providing a safe environment for all, the Museum has the following protocols in place:

Vaccination Policy: Building Tours

All visitors are required to be fully vaccinated before taking any tour.

Vaccination Policy: Shop, Visitor Center, and Theater

Shop patrons need to show proof of vaccination prior to entering our Shop and Visitor Center.

CDC-recommended face coverings are required for all visitors and staff at all times while in the Visitor Center and on building tours.

CDC guidelines advise that face coverings should completely cover the mouth and nose, fitting snug against the side of the face. See below for more information.

Social distancing is encouraged.

Visitors and staff are encouraged to keep at least 6 feet from others when possible.

Stay home if you are feeling sick or symptomatic.

Please do not visit the museum if you or anyone in your party have experienced any symptoms related to Covid-19 in the past 14 days.

Listen to Museum staff.

Tenement Museum staff must enforce these guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone on our tours. Please make sure to follow their directions.

Tours admission.

All visitors, including members, are encouraged to purchase or reserve tickets in advance. Same-day exchanges and refunds are not permitted.

Wash hands and use hand sanitizer regularly during your visit.

Vaccination Requirements for All Tours

All visitors, including children, attending tours inside the Tenement Museum’s historic buildings will need to show proof of full vaccination (2 weeks after last dose of the vaccine cycle).

Starting December 1st, fully vaccinated children ages 5+ will be permitted on building tours. Children that are not vaccinated or are unable to be vaccinated can visit to the museum by taking Meet Victoria: 1916, an outdoor walking tour, or a virtual tour. They can also visit the Tenement Museum shop and Visitor Center.

  • The museum is following the CDC guidance about the definition of “full vaccination” status, which is two weeks after an individual’s last dose of the vaccine cycle (either one dose or a two-dose cycle). For more information on vaccination please see the CDC guidance
  • Visitors can show a physical vaccination card, digital app/certificate, or photograph. NY State residents are encouraged to use the Excelsior Pass.
  • Visitors should be prepared to show a photo ID that corresponds with the name on their vaccination card.
If you have questions, please email [email protected] or call 1-877-975-3786. We will get back to you within one business day.

The Tenement Museum reserves the right to refuse or revoke the admission of any visitor whose conduct violates these guidelines. If you or anyone in your party are unable to comply with the above safety guidelines, please contact the Visitor Services staff at [email protected].

For more information about COVID-19 and CDC-recommended face coverings, check the CDC website.