Lesson Plan

Explore Push and Pull Factors

Chart and discuss push and pull factors for im/migration.


Students explore the theme of arrival by charting and discussing the different push/pull factors that led real families to immigrate or migrate.  They will come to the understanding that “push” and “pull” factors often work together and consider how they play out in history and the present day.



Important Information

What will students understand through this lesson?

  • Migration happens in many different ways (immigration, forced migration, voluntary migration, arrival as a refugee) and is core to the shared human experience. Immigration is one type of migration. Immigration is usually done by choice and is always a move from one country to another
  • People have been coming to New York from all over the world since before the founding of the United States; people’s immigration experiences have patterns but also variety. People also migrate from one part of the country to another.
  • People move for many reasons — to escape persecution, for economic opportunity, safety, education. There is often more than one reason, and the reasons can be “push” and “pull” factors together.


Why do people move from one place to another?


1 Class Period

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