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Interactive Video: Bella Discusses Halo Shampoo

New! Interactive Interview Video

After taking your class through the Epstein Family Story lesson, consider what it means to be American through media seen by a 1950’s refugee family with this new interactive video for grades 3 – 12! This discussion activity also works great as a follow-up comprehension and connection exercise to our Epstein Family virtual field trip!

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Associated Family Story Article

Oral History | Bella Discusses Paul Anka

One of the Halo shampoo ads in this video features famous 50s singer Paul Anka – of who Bella was a big fan! As part of the Epstein Family Story, listen to an oral history where Bella discusses her relationship with American pop music compared to her father’s more traditional, Yiddish music taste.

Associated Lessons

Associated Virtual Field Trip

1950s Epstein Family  | The Epstein Family story features a Jewish American family and their 1950’s tenement home. Rivka and Kalman Epstein were Holocaust survivors and students will learn about their journey from Europe to find protection and safety in the United States. By exploring their recreated home and the objects in it, students uncover how the family revived traditions from their home and also started new ones.

  • Themes: Community, Culture and Identity
  • Topics: European Immigration

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