Lesson Plan

Investigate a 1914 Report Card

Students learn about Victoria Confino through her 2nd grade report card from 1914.

Students learn what it means to be a “history detective.”  They consider what life was like in a new homeland for Victoria Confino, a young immigrant who arrived in 1913.  They put their history detective skills to work by investigating Victoria’s 2nd grade report card from 1914.




1-3 Class Periods


How can we be history detectives to fill in more details about Victoria Confino’s life?

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Important Information

What will students understand through this lesson?

  • People move for many reasons — to escape persecution, for economic opportunity, safety, education. There is often more than one reason, and the reasons can be “push” and “pull” factors together.
  • Im/migrants bring everyday objects and traditions with them when they come to a new place to continue their cultural practices and find connection and comfort.
  • Immigrants were processed at Ellis Island through a series of inspections, which brought fear and uncertainty to immigrants. Today, when immigrants come across a border, whether on an airplane or otherwise, there is still fear and uncertainty.

Primary Source

1914 Report Card

Look at a report card from 1914 and see how a 12-year-old immigrant girl, Victoria Confino, did in school.

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