Objects of Comfort

Become a part of a new Tenement Museum collection. 

So many of us have stories, passed down through the generations, illustrating our ancestors’ resilience through hardship and often these stories are attached to objects that bring us comfort. As the current crisis becomes a part of our history, will the objects that bring you comfort today become a part of your family’s history?

Why is your story important?

Each story reveals one individual’s experience and together they help us see how these unique histories shape us, our families, and our nation. They are the patterns that bind us together.

We’ve put together a special collection of objects that bring comfort through challenging times and we want all of you to become a part of this important history.  

How to participate

Upload your own story with our easy-to-use interactive form. You can add photos of your chosen object and your family, and even upload an audio file such as a song, prayer, or description of your object. Your page will be accessible using your own unique URL, so you can always find it online and share it with friends and family. 

You can also watch the quick tutorial video below.

Story examples

Students at SUNY Binghamton, led by Professor Lisa T. Yun, created video stories to reflect on objects and traditions that bring them comfort right now. Explore the full playlist here!

Hot Chocolate Pot

“The most sentimental object to me is my mom’s Colombian hot chocolate pot. When my mom immigrated to the United States, from Colombia at age 22, she brought a limited number of things with her. She missed her Colombian traditions, her native Spanish language, and the incredibly different way of life.” –Kaylee

Teddy Bear

“The first thing I can remember my mother giving me is a stuffed bear when I was four. At first I was skeptical about receiving the gift, but over time its soft brown fur provided me with comfort during hard times. To some people it may seem just a bear, but to me it is a precious reminder of my mother.-” –Maurice

View the full collection here!

More ways to particpate

Families can participate from anywhere on their own and create a group page to connect individual stories. Or, contact Tenement Museum at [email protected] to host a virtual family storytelling workshop, where our educators will guide you through the process of choosing, developing, and sharing your stories.