Experience The Museum From Home

While our physical doors may have temporarily closed, you can still experience the Tenement Museum from home.

The stories we share are about the heroism of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Their struggles and their bravery hold powerful lessons for our own difficult time. You can now explore the true stories of the families who lived on Orchard Street through digital exhibits and remote learning resources.

We are continually developing new and exciting ways for the community to visit the Museum from home, so stay tuned for more soon!

New Digital Exhibit!

The Census: Reading Between the Lines

This year, we all have a chance to be part of history by participating in the 2020 Census. In this digital exhibit, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at how our Museum historians have used the census to learn how residents of the Lower East Side lived.

New Virtual Backgrounds!

Zoom into the Past

As a way to bring elements of the Tenement experience to you, we have made available images from our historic apartments for you to use as a background on your video calls! Impress your friends and family on your next call by placing yourself in the middle of the Italian Baldizzi family kitchen in the 1920s or the Irish Moore family living room in the 1860s! Join us to #zoomintothepast


Life in a Tenement

Meet the former residents of our two historic buildings and find out what life was life in a tenement.

The Stories of 97 Orchard Street

The Stories of 103 Orchard Street


Life on the Lower East Side

Explore the history of the iconic Lower East Side, long considered a beacon for newcomers to America.


Featured Podcast Episodes

Hear the American stories not shared in your standard history book on featured episodes of “How To Be American,” a Tenement Museum Podcast.

The Avatar for America

Dive into the history of comic books! Explore the origin story of comic books and hear what superheroes can teach us about American society.

I Would Cross a Million Borders

Explore how two women, one during the 20s and one just a few years ago, navigated the American immigration system and all its pitfalls.

Our Game

Explore the history of stickball with baseball historians and stickball players and learn about the significance of being able to turn city streets and the sides of buildings into your very own ‘field of dreams’.


Featured Tenement Talks

Watch in-depth panel discussions featuring experts on a wide range of topics.


Remote Learning

Browse reading and writing activities, listening and watching activities, interactive games, and more.


Exclusive behind the scenes content from our Member Portal

With the support of our members, we have opened up exclusive behind the scenes content to the public. Browse in-depth articles and explore objects from our collection.

Behind The Scenes, Resident Feature

An American Matriarch

Follow Fanny’s journey from new immigrant, to wife and mother, to respected and fearless “Janitress” of 97 Orchard Street.

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Read the story of Bob Humber, whose roots as an activist in New York City stretch back nearly 50 years.

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Behind The Scenes, Resident Feature

The Summer of 1919: A Love Story

How two former 97 Orchard Street residents found love during a summer escape to a Catskills resort.

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Read Barney Cohen's fascinating and complicated story of highs and lows that were set in motion when he moved into 97 Orchard Street.

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Behind The Scenes, Resident Feature

Precision and Spirit: Fighting for a Place in America

Explore how military service was important in shaping the German-American identity through the story of John Schneider.

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In February we featured former 97 Orchard Street resident, Rosaria Baldizzi immigration story.

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Mrs. Wong and her daughter Yat Ping

Follow Mrs. Wong's journey into the Chinatown garment industry and get a inside look at where fashion came from.

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Behind The Scenes, Resident Feature

There’s No (Fire)Place Like Home

Learn about how Bridget Moore found comfort during despair in her transition from Irish to American life.

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Behind The Scenes

Why 97 Orchard Street?

Find out how and why 97 Orchard Street became the site for the Tenement Museum.

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Behind The Scenes, Object Spotlight

97 Orchard Street Mezuzah

Take a closer look at a tenement apartment mezuzah and why it may have remained affixed for so long.

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Behind The Scenes, Object Spotlight

A 1921 Wedding Gift

Take a closer look at a personal grooming set given to former 97 Orchard Street resident, Morris Rosenthal by his wife Evelyn.

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Behind The Scenes, Object Spotlight

Durkee Curry Powder Can

In May we featured this early 20th century can of Durkee Curry Powder, discovered in 97 Orchard in 2008.

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Behind The Scenes, Object Spotlight

Fanny Rogarshevsky’s Tool Box

In March we featured former 97 Orchard Street resident, Fanny Rogarshevsky's tool box.

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Behind The Scenes, Object Spotlight

History by Numbers

Get a closer look at the partially rusted metal numbers that once adorned 97 Orchard Street.

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Behind The Scenes, Resident Feature

When A Door is Not (Just) A Door

See how to the ordinary becomes the extraordinary in this in depth look at a tenement apartment door.

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Your Story, Our Story Digital Exhibit

Explore stories from contributors across the country in curated collections highlighting Community Resilience and Health, Medicine, and Comfort, among others.