Outside the Home

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Wheelchair Accessible

Public and neighborhood spaces have always been part of New Yorkers daily lives, offering community beyond the walls of home. On this walking tour, we’ll look at how Lower East Siders shaped and were shaped by their neighborhood over the 19th and early 20th Centuries. From stores to parks, movie theaters to schools, discover how these spaces became important centers for navigating identity, advocacy, and cultural exchange.  

This tour discusses the people and stories behind public spaces and landmarks on the Lower East Side. Among others, stops on this tour include:  

  • The Daily Forward Building, where Jewish socialists championed for workers’ rights in the early 1900s 
  • Seward Park, the first municipal playground in the United States 
  • Jarmulowsky Bank Building, where many immigrants entrusted their savings 

Currently, walking tours are a private experience for a single household, at a flat rate of $250.

This tour is offered on Saturdays at 11am and 2pm, and tickets are available to purchase through October 31, 2020. November tours will become available four weeks in advance. Click the button below, select a tour date from the drop-down menu, and purchase your tour.