How To Be American

Season 2

This season of the Tenement Museum’s podcast, ‘How To Be American’, tells eight new stories that dig deeper into the tapestry of American immigration, stories of people who shaped American identity by doing everything from creating street games to traveling to outer space.

S2 Ep1: Our Game

In the first episode of season 2 of How To Be American, host Amanda Adler-Brennan talks with baseball historians and stickball players about the significance for city kids in being able to turn city streets and the sides of buildings into their very own ‘field of dreams’.

S2 Ep2: Relics Left Behind

Imagine that someone came to your house 150 years from now: what would they find? In this episode we talk to our resident expert of Tenement Curiosities about some of the strangest objects found in 97 and 103 Orchard Street.

Black and white portrait of Maritcha Lyons, a Black female educator, in formal dress

S2 Ep3: Burial Grounds

Communities don’t always have all the facts they need to reconstruct past realities, nor do institutions have all the histories to preserve the past. In this episode, we’ll uncover a Pre-Harlem World that’s been buried for more than 156 years.

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