Accessibility at the Museum

The Tenement Museum welcomes all visitors. We recognize the diverse needs of our audience and offer accessible programs and services to enable all visitors to explore the stories we interpret at the Tenement Museum.

For questions about Museum accessibility and how we can accommodate your specific needs, call 646-518-3038 or e-mail [email protected].

Accessibility and COVID-19

Getting to the Museum

At the Visitor Center

Web Accessibility

The Tenement Museum offers discounted entry and special $65 memberships for visitors with disabilities, as well as free entry to care partners. Please call 646-518-3038 or email [email protected] to receive this discount and/or free entry for a care partner. For a discounted membership, please call our membership line 646-518-3007.

Accessibility and COVID-19

Walking Tours

wheelchair symbol   Wheelchair Accessibility

All of the Museum’s walking tours are wheelchair accessible.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Tenement Museum. While the Tenement Apartments tours are temporarily closed to the public, we are excited to offer guided walking tours of our beloved Lower East Side to single household groups (8 people max). 

The Museum has a limited amount of wheelchairs available to borrow for wheelchair accessible programs. To reserve a wheelchair for your visit please contact us at [email protected]. 

Accessibility accommodations are available for all of our walking tour programs. To request accessibility accommodations, please contact [email protected] with a minimum of two weeks’ notice. 

Mask Policy

Visitors will be required to wear face coverings while at the Museum. If a visitor is unable to wear a mask, face covering, or face shield due to a disability, they will be given the following options as reasonable accommodations as alternatives to taking an in-person tour:

  • Take a scheduled virtual program in the future
  • Schedule a private virtual tour for a future date
  • Discuss alternative options with the Education Specialist for Access

Due to the dangers of COVID-19, not wearing a mask in the presence of others is a direct threat to health and safety and therefore we cannot permit visitors without face coverings on tours. 

For more information on COVID-19 Health and Safety measures, please visit our COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures page.

Promotional photo of an actress playing Victoria Confino. Smiling, she wears a headband and blue checkered apron as she hangs clothes on a line hanging in the kitchen of the Confino apartment

Virtual Experiences

The Tenement Museum has shifted its focus towards a slate of digital programs. You can learn more about these at our Virtual Experiences page.

The Museum is committed to increasing the accessibility of these virtual programs. Accessibility accommodations are available for all of our virtual programs. To request accessibility accommodations, please email us at [email protected] with a minimum of two weeks’ notice.

We are also hosting a small number of accessibility focused programs. For more information and to be placed on our invite list for these programs please contact us at [email protected].

Getting to the Museum

wheelchair symbol   Wheelchair Accessibility

The Delancey-Essex F/J/M/Z station has no elevator. The uptown F platform has an escalator to exit to the street. The nearest wheelchair accessible subway station is B/D/F/M/6 to Broadway-Lafayette Street.

At the Museum

Due to COVID-19, our Visitor Center will not be open for shopping, lockers, or bag check. Restrooms will be open before and after the tour. Tours will meet in front of 103 Orchard Street.


toilet symbol   Restrooms

The Visitors Center is equipped with universally designed elevators and restrooms on the basement level.